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The towed passenger stock from manufacturer L.G.B. was replaced by M.B.S. AB 1 and AB 7, spring of 2023.

These self-built M.B.S. passenger coaches is more accurate to scale and fits very well with other self-built equipment already in service.

The two former Rhaetian Railway coaches both have been taken out of service and are waiting for a new owner.

Building associated coaches has been on the agenda for a long time, but is now easier with the materials and construction methods used.

The intention was to add several R.T.M. coaches, the management has retracted from this point of view while R.T.M. no longer has a main share in M.B.S.

The construction of the second tram set M.B.S. EL 105 - AB 12 D II has been announced (March 25, 2023), of which

the AB 12 will be the fourth self-built passenger coach.
Coach M.B.S. B 27 now again has the previous appearance with open balconies but with a new gray-blue

color scheme, also M.B.S. B 28 was new added, so that the number of coaches increased by two.

M.B.S. B 27

M.B.S. B 27.JPG

The first passenger coach purchased is M.B.S. B 27 of the Metallurgique type.
Imported from Germany and composed of two custom L.G.B. Toy train wagons with an open balcony on one side.
The blind side of these carriages has been removed and the two halves merged together and mounted on a extended

frame with bogies.
In that capacity it served as a sidecar until a third Toytrain car with 2 windows was added as a section

was glued between two head ends.
By this way a passenger coach was created consisting of three parts.
The carriage then had 8 windows and the open balconies were later closed, creating a full-fledged coach.
It then as R.T.M. B 1526 numbered passenger coach did not yet have interior lighting, but it was prepared for this.

Because the R.T.M. no longer has a main share in M.B.S., this coache was taken out of service on July 8, 2023.
It is completely overhauled to the condition with open balconies, after which it was given the gray-blue color scheme.
The new number is M.B.S. B 27, a coache with 58 seats.

M.B.S. B 28 

M.B.S. B 28.JPG

M.B.S. B 28 is a passenger coach composed of two city tram wagons (ex-G.T.N. emw 9 - ahr 107) of the Herbrand type.
G.T.N. emw 9 - ahr 107 had been out of service for a long time and there were plans on the drawing board for a conversion to an Arnhem city tram.
These came to nothing and the tram remained out of service.
To limit the chronic shortage of coaches at M.B.S., this set has been renovated in such a way that

one composite coach was created.
The balcony on one side of both carriages was removed, after which the two halves were assembled together.
The housing for the motor truck and bogie were removed, after which two Herbrand bogies were placed under the carriage.

Furthermore, ballast weights were installed and the roof of the former city tram was emptied, so that one skylight remained.
This coach has a gray-blue color scheme with number M.B.S. B 28.
It seats 32 passengers on longitudinal benches.

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