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R.T.M. M 1806 'Bergeend'

R.T.M. M 1806 Bergeend site.JPG

The R.T.M. M 1806 'Bergeend' is the third locomotive from the first series, built in early 1994.
This model is the second model built entirely in brass and had the same drive unit as the MABD 1602 and M67.
Unlike the other models from the first series, this locomotive has always remained under my own management.

The locomotive underwent a major repair overhaul in January 2021, during which the chassis was rearranged and the roof fixed, in order to obtain a good-looking and straight model.
Furthermore, all outdated parts, such as the blower, the couplings, the lighting and the furnishings were removed

and the drive unit replaced.

The R.T.M. M 1806 'Bergeend' subsequently received two HLW drive trucks and, in addition to the M.B.S. EL 102 D V,

one of the two strongest locomotives in the current model collection.

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