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How the tram models came into existence
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About the M.B.S. in models

Model Buurt Spoor emerged as a hobby in the years 1993-1995, when the first

scale IIm (or scale G) 1:22½ models were built.

Initially intrigued by the appearance of the Maasbuurt locomotives, this hobby started

with (of course) the R.T.M. M67.

In the first 2 years various models were built , mostly the R.T.M. as an example, but

also M.B.S. trams emerged.

All models from this first series still exist today and almost all of them remain

at the Recreational Tram Museum at Ouddorp, where the 1:1 vehicles also run.

Above different stages of one and the same locomotive in both model and reality:

Depicted from top to bottom are R.T.M. M 67, M.B.S. EL 103 D IV, R.T.M. M 68 (Mk 1) and M.B.S. EL 103 D IV.

After selling this first series in 1997, construction for the second series was halted for six years.

In 2003, construction of the Maas-Buurt Spoorweg EL 103 (diesel IV) was started, followed

by other M.B.S. models, but also models from other companies, such as B.S.M., G.T.N., N.B.M. and G.E.T.A.

Unlike the first series, the M.B.S. models are primarily of importance and models of other companies were phased out piece by piece and sold or assigned to the new fictitious M.B.S.

As a result, the equipment stock underwent the necessary changes, non-M.B.S. models are

continued to decrease and R.T.M  models were placed in secondary importance, the rest of stock is fictional.

The self-built equipment has (or will receive) the original company numbers the former company used also and

equipment that is fictitious is also given fictitious numbers, continued from the original numbering of the former company.

Until recently this site was based on the name Maas Buurt Spoor, since October 6, 2023

the company name changed to Model Buurt Spoor.
This was done to make room for the fictional models that also use a M.B.S. logo, without directly referring to the original former major company N.V. Maas-Buurt Spoorweg in Gennep.


Also take a look at for more information about the former large company

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