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News and changes

Below all news items of 2022.

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You are probably wondering why it's quiet in the M.B.S. workplace?
I can reassure you that fortunately there is a lack of inspiration on my part and the staff has also been given early leave.

Of course I can continue with this wonderful hobby, but there is (fortunately) more than that.
There will be a (Christmas) holiday period of no less than two weeks, during which the proverbial thread will be picked up again.
From the M.B.S. workshop in Arnhem, the entire management wishes you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2023.
See you next year!



The G.T.N. (Nijmegen) tram set emw 9 + ahr 107 is being converted into a G.E.T.A. (Arnhem) tram set.
The reason for this is due to G.T.N. emw 32 (still) waiting for finishing and completion and 

two Nijmegen trams exists.
The wagon numbers are again fictitious and follow up with the former origin company.

For the railcar this will be G.E.T.A. emw 22 and the trailer carriage G.E.T.A. ahr 51.
The motor car will have the characteristic Arnhem sloping windscreens and folding doors.



The B.S.M. motor car was major upgraded, where all doors have been replaced, the (only) entry and exit door has been made movable, the correct color has been applied and the roof has been given a sand color.
The upgrade was necessary because of the provisionally closed wooden doors, one of which was already out.
A photo of this motor car can be found here.



Stake wagons M.B.S. 402 and 404 now have the stanchions all around and the surface-mounted platforms have been removed.
In the origin company, these stake wagons never had braking platforms with fencing.
M.B.S. 402 has been fitted with guide rails for the transport of motor trucks, bogies and wheel axles.
For details about these wagons, check out 'equipment/pulled factory freight wagons'.


Locomotive 48 is equipped with a very well-functioning video inspection system.
This makes it possible to take photos of certain situations, as well as video recordings, controlled by app.

The system is equipped with a 32GB memory card for this purpose, but also has a possibility to stream directly to a mobile phone.



After tests, cleaning locomotive no. 3 was changed in the equipment file to cleaning and inspection locomotive M.B.S. 48.
The locomotive temporarily had a video inspection system on board, but 1 of 2 PCBs failed during the test.
The management has decided to make the experiment permanent and a new camera has been ordered for the locomotive.
While the test system had 2 cameras, the new system only has 1, which turned out to be sufficient.

Locomotive 48 also has a new livery with the 'old' locomotive color with which the Hohenzollern steam locomotives of the large company used to run.
The report of adjusting the locomotive can be read here.
The locomotive is currently on the test track in the workshop, awaiting the new video inspection system.



Dump truck O.E.G. 4141 today is for sale and possibly can be exchanged for an LGB boxcar series 4035.

For contact an email to will do.

M.B.S. 220 will not be rebuilt and has been removed from the equipment list, the M.B.S. still has sufficient closed freight wagons available.
The chassis of the 220 will be reused for the 701 with the similar function as 702.
The cleaning shoes of 702 will be replaced on 701, after which 702 will be disposed of.
After this, the M.B.S. only closed wagons, flat wagons, box wagons and stake wagons are still in service as freight wagons.


Wagon R.T.M. PD 299 is for sale today and can possibly be exchanged for an LGB closed car series 4035.

For contact an email to will do.


The workshop delivered locomotive 48 today, making it the first machine in N.B.D.S. / M.B.S. blue.
All M.B.S. steam tram locomotives from the origin company had this blue color at the time.

An image and more information about this locomotive is to be seen here.


Today the workshop has L.E. 101 delivered, completing this construction project.
It's possible now to show the origin of three wooden locomotives of M.B.S.

The full construction report can be read here .


The logistics department announced that the number of 1mm nuts and bolts has been drastically reduced

through the construction of EL 101 and 220.

EL 101 alone contains almost 600 pieces, with a cost of almost €450....
These will be the last models with this construction method for a while.
AB 1, AB 7, R.T.M. AB 1501 and MABD 1801 'Sperwer' will be last-built.


Almost all photos on this website can be enlarged by simply clicking on them.

If you click on the enlarged photo again, it will disappear again for further navigation on the site.


As a trial, it is now possible to enlarge the photos on this website by simply clicking on them.

If you click on the enlarged photo again, it will disappear again for further navigation on the site.
For now only the photos in the story about big business, soon followed by other pages.


The M.B.S. workshop is back in operation after the nice warm summer period.
To make room in the workshop for the further construction of AB1, AB 7 and EL 101, it was first necessary to

complete closed freight wagon M.B.S. 220.
After approval from the management, it was decided to bring this work on the 220 forward in the planning.
Repair work has already started and the old frame will be partly replaced.

The repair work on the 220 ishere to read and this report is regularly supplemented with information and photos.

After completion of this repair work, AB 1 and AB 7 are scheduled for completion.

This is followed by the EL 101.


The announcement of the construction of R.T.M. AB 1501 and R.T.M. MABD 1801 'Sperwer' has been suspended until further notice due to low staffing of the M.B.S. workshop and the (too) warm summer weather.


The workshop again has fitted M.B.S. 281 and 282 with frames so that both can be used again.

For this reason dump truck O.E.G. 4141 is taken out of service and dismantled..

This car had not been in service for several years and did not fit into the equipment collection.


The workshop has started the construction of M.B.S. EL 101 postal baggage car.

This has been a request from the operating service for some time to cope with the increase of goods in passenger trams.

On this page the construction of LE 101 can be followed


R.T.M. M 67 has now left the workshop and has been put into service.

This completes this restoration project.

The entire frame, blower, all headlights, control board, ballast weight, roof, two partition walls, two axles in the walking truck, motor truck, direction film boxes, frame supports, steps, logos and couplings have been replaced.

All ironwork of the railcar has been repainted in the correct colours, the woodwork is unchanged.

The duration of the project was approximately 100 hours.

The repair costs were approximately €175.

The complete restoration project can be seen here 


The management of the M.B.S. has decided to give priority to the project of M.B.S. EL 101 to be built at our own workshop.

As soon as work on M 67 is completed, construction of LE 101 will start next.

The request to own a postal baggage car is answered accordingly.


The repair work on M 67 is in full progress.

M 67 gets a completely new frame, the old frame was made of aluminum and therefore unusable.


M.B.S. board received positive feedback about the definitive return of M67 from the board of R.T.M. Ouddorp

This first built motor car will be repaired and overhauled from Tuesday, June 7, 2022.


The design of the new garden track is known, the track plan of B.S.M. as it was on the east side of Karstraat in Bemmel from 1908 to 1935.
This track plan is not directly related to the M.B.S., but it does offer more than enough possibilities.


The dismantling of the M.B.S. outdoor track in Den Bosch is a fact, this afternoon the break-up tram brought the last rails to the assembly location.


The last trams ran on M.B.S. outdoor track on Sunday, January 30, 2022., the tracks will be broken up from February 1.

This decision was taken by the management due to an upcoming move.

It is not yet known when the trams will run again at the new location.


The last trams will run on the M.B.S. outdoor track on Sunday, January 30, 2022, after which the tracks will be broken up from February 1 on.

When the trams will run again at the new location, is not yet known.


The workshop took the grinding wagon, which ran in front of the grinding locomotive, out of service and removed it.

The conversion of the weed tank wagon into a functional rail cleaner was a good reason.


The workshop has partly completed the construction of Backer & Rueb locomotive B.S.M. 10  and is being redesigned for the further construction of M.B.S. AB 1 and AB 7.


The M.B.S. The workshop is now equipped with a real band saw machine, in addition to a milling, column drill and hand drill.


A new group has been created on FB that runs parallel to this website.

It replaces the professional FB group that was created over a year ago and wasn't without costs..

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