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News and changes

Below all news items of 2021.

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In the mothball fleet is a hull from an earlier attempt, a Backer & Rueb tram locomotive to be built, presented.

In anticipation of a line on the outside track with overhead lines, from this hull is N.B.M. locomotive 50 to be built, with a B-drive unit from L.G.B.

Installed on the roof is a S.S.W. type B pantograph, the electrical installation will follow.

Because the M.B.S. does not have any overhead line, the management has decided to take this shunting locomotive out of service,

after which dismantling and demolition possibly will follow.

This machine hasn't been in service.


The M.B.S. workshop has started the construction of B.S.M. steam tram locomotive 10.
The construction report can be followed here.

B.S.M. 10 is part of a long-cherished wish to build a real Betuwe tram.

After completion, plans will be drawn up for the further construction of a B.S.M. coach and boxcar.


The restoration project of the R.T.M. MABD 1602 'Reiger' has been completed.

On my next visit to the R.T.M. in Ouddorp the motor vehicle will return to it's rightful owner.


The restoration of R.T.M. MABD 1602 'Reiger' ahs started.
This rmotor car from the first series and owned by the R.T.M. in Ouddorp will be repaired from damage suffered this autumn and completely will be restored at the M.B.S. workplace.


Added to the website is the page 'guest driving' which describes the driving of own rolling stock on foreign track and the driving of foreign rolling stock on my own.


M.B.S. D III (EL104-AB14) today was a guest to the model railway of the R.T.M. in Ouddorp.

Unfortunately, this track still has curves with a radius smaller than 1000mm (R1 900mm), which caused EL104 to derail almost immediately at the first small curve.
From the manager of this track I noticed that a new design is planned in which the curves will be kept wide enough so that derailments will become a thing of the past.
Some photos were taken of this "guest driving" can be found here.

Furthermore, the R.T.M. motor car from the first series of models. MABD 1602 'Reiger' returned to the old nest for repair work and overhaul... (see also here).

The motor car had been out of service for quite some time with completely worn out gears, but at the R.T.M. had no expert who dared to repair it.

The MABD 1602 receives a completely new HLW drive unit, in accordance with the M.B.S. D III from the second series.

A report of this extensive overhaul is availablethis page.


The long-awaited control switches for the points have been delivered.

The old control switches still spring back to the 'middle position' due to the EPL control, the new type doesn't so the points drives again receive a continuous voltage of 24 V=.

The order for these other control switches was already placed in February 2021.


Removed from the track plan are switches 7 and 8 and added is switch 10.

Also renumbering of switch numbers so that the overview is consecutive again.

Exchange numbers #11 and #14 to #20 are free positions.

For an enlarged pop-up image, see changes in 2021 and click on the rail plan.


The construction of (provisionally) three coaches has been announced: M.B.S. AB 1, M.B.S. AB 7 and R.T.M. AB 1501.

For more details, see 'Towed factory carriages' and Second series of self-built models


The large level crossing has also been completed with safety barriers of the oldest tDutch Railways ype (NS).

The warning lights permanently flash yellow, the warning signs for a level crossing still have to be made and also white lines on the road surface.

See below for changes in 2021


Switch 14 and track 14 to the apple syrup factory are connected.

In a this factory, apple syrup was made from apples, the Betuwsche Stoomtramweg Mij. had constructed a branch of several tens of meters for this purpose at Fa. Verweyen in Haalderen.

Track 14 is a branch in the main line.

The latest version of the track plan is now Ht v14.5 from 28-07-2021


A fault in the electrical circuit of  M.B.S. D IV has been dormant since April this year.

The locomotive has been out of service ever since.
Upon further thorough investigation, open soldering on the PCB turned out to be the reason.

D IV will be available for normal service again from 08-08-2021.


For the outdoor track a new equipment cabinet for the control and power supply has been completed.

The 19-inch wall cabinet was a hand-me-down from my former employer, thank you for this.

See also the chapter the controls.


The equipment file has been supplemented and or changed with the following freight car:

The Shell tank wagon has its old chassis returned and now has its final appearance; M.B.S. 702 weed tank wagon

Trucks M.B.S. 332, 337 and 341 are now painted gray and provided with the correct inscriptions.

Flat wagons M.B.S. 281 and 282 have been stripped of their chassis and are being stored.

Closed wagon R.T.M. 713 is in service for milk transport and has an ivory colored box with light blue ironwork.

Closed wagon B.S.M. 42 is in service behind the B.S.M. motor car painted gray with black ironwork.

Closed cars M.B.S. 275 and 277 have been overhauled, with 277 now having black ironwork.

Furthermore, all 2-axle vehicles are equipped with an axle coupling, whereby both axles now run with the arc.

See also 'The changes in 2021'  and

Pulled factory freight wagons'


The traffic means for the large level crossing next to the signal box are under construction.

For this purpose, a double Andreas cross was used according to the old dimensions from before the war, but without lettering as the Dutch Railways used to have.

Furthermore, a general yellow/orange warning flashing light has been added to the mast to which the Andreas cross is attached.

Fence barriers to the left and right of the level crossing will also be added.

See also 'The changes in 2021'


On Saturday April 24, major maintenance was carried out on the tram track towards the underpass and the inner track.
All old (too coarse) ballast was removed and replaced with the correct type.
This new ballast is a major optical improvement.
Weeds have also been removed from the route verges.
The section from the underpass to the switching station at switch 2 is scheduled for May 1 (weather permitting).

The crossing plates have been glued near the signal box and the access ramps will be completed in May.


On the outdoor track, the level crossings in the garden path have (finally) been leveled with concrete.

Furthermore, ballast has been supplied again, so that all tracks can now be provided with this.

In the section 'The changes in 2021' an update has been included, describing the changes up to and including April 23, 2021.


The electric tram company on the outer track has now been discontinued, with all overhead lines and facilities removed.

The outdoor track has also been drastically changed, double track has been constructed and the turning loops have been adjusted, so that a large driving length has been created.

Another article will be devoted to this.


The electric tram company on the outer track has been shut down for an indefinite period due to major conversion projects.
In the course of 2021, it will be examined whether the electric tram will return...


Added to the site: construction report of R.T.M. M 1652 'Puttershoek'


Announcement: rail plan 13.8 is final and ready for implementation in spring 2021


The section 'Changes in 2021' is added


Due to frozen switches and snow dunes, the timetable has been suspended until further notice.


Various buttons have been added to make it easier to navigate the site


Added is 404 error page


The page has been added Chapters for site navigation


Added: in the section Construction reports, construction report of M.B.S. AB 14


Added: in the section Construction reports, construction report of M.B.S. EL 104 D III


Added: the section Construction reports, construction report of M.B.S. EL 103 D IV


Available via email


The page about the has been added controls of the outdoor track.

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