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N.B.M. 50


Built in 1998, N.B.M. 50 was also an interim project and the first model

with facilities for effective driving on overhead lines.
Because there never has been sufficient track with overhead lines in the past, this locomotive always has been stored, stripped of all accessories, drive and pantograph.

Although the outdoor track from 2019 had overhead lines at an earlier stage, this locomotive never ran on the Den Bosch track, due to storage.

Due to the lack of profitable operation and the extensive maintenance on the overhead lines, this facility was removed after six months.

The M.B.S. ultimately decided to take this locomotive out of service and store it again permanently.

In the photo above the N.B.M. 50 temporarily fitted with traction and pantograph, but the locomotive is

stripped of all items again in January 2023 and permanently stored.

N.B.M. 50 was sold together with B.S.M. 10 on October 6, 2023.

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