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M.B.S. EL106 - AB 13 D I

Diesel I with woodgas generator.jpg

The M.B.S. EL 106 - AB 13 D I is my fourth model from the first series, built in 1995.
The tram set has one old N.W.S.L. motor truck and three L.G.B. running bogies.
It is less meticulously built, for example the wooden slats of the locomotive are not

fully secured to the posts of the frame
The steering carriage is built from two composite Bachmann carriages, which are cut to length.

These American-style Bachmann carriages were the only available model with a light canopy at the time.
The plastic carriage body was then given a wooden appearance with 
two balconies and the roof (consisting of parts) was fixed into one piece, it was my first 'self' built carriage.
After the exhibition 125 years of passenger and freight transport in Gennep on 9, 10 and 11 November 1996, the set was converted into the R.T..M. M 65  - ABP 422 for sale to the R.T.M. in Ouddorp in April 1997.
The bells on the motor car and steering carriage AB 13 were applied to the M.B.S. EL 104 - AB14 D III in 2021.
The set was repaired by a third party in 2021/2022 and is
currently driveable again.

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