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M.B.S. AB 12 ( D II )

Please note:  This page is continuously updated during the construction of the steering carriage

Construction report of M.B.S. AB 12

The construction of M.B.S. AB 12 was announced in early April 2023, as part of tram set D II together with motor car EL 105.
The locomotive is described in another construction report.

To complete the history of the postal baggage wagon series EL 101 - 106 by having built every wagon myselve, EL 105 is missing with the AB 12 as a tram set D II, for which the AB 12 also will be built as a control car.

The AB 12 was modified between April 1934 and April 1935 to serve in tram D II and did so until June 19, 1944, when it crashed in Malden.

working drawing AB12-AB13-AB14 side view.

A copy of the original drawing of M.B.S. AB 12, 13 and 14 was used to build the model.


August 27, 2004,

During the R.T.M. Donors' Day in 2004, the opportunity was taken to take detailed photos of R.T.M. AB 417 (ex AB 6).

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