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M.B.S. loc 49

The second non-self-built locomotive is a Gmeinder locomotive (L.G.B. 2090), with park number M.B.S. 49.
For a long time it was assumed that it was a Deutz type locomotive, but it is a Gmeinder (Austrian manufacturer).

This is also a standard locomotive from L.G.B. which also appeared in initial sets and it had a yellow color.

This locomotive was imported second-hand from Germany and performed shunting services until...

shunting locomotive R.T.M. M 1652 was new build for this task.

M.B.S. 49 already received an external frame in 2021, but axle boxes with spring packages were required

for the R.T.M. M 1652 'Puttershoek', but because the M 1652 was already taking over the services,

the 49 was taken out of service without it's B-drive.
In order to have a spare shunting locomotive available, the 49 was taken out of the mothball fleet.
With this revision, 49 (the old park number was no. 5) has received LED lighting, a new outer frame and the typical M.B.S. blue color with larger yellow-black buffer plates.

This locomotive is in service.


M.B.S. locomotive 49 in its original appearance, with inner frame and without park number, in the yellow color with red wheels, on

one of it's few photos.
The locomotive has already been adapted for service on the tram track, the lamps on the cabin have already been removed and the flashing light was installed.

After a while the locomotive would be painted olive green and given park number 5.
The locomotive was put into service almost immediately, used here for the construction of the overhead lines with the old portals.

Both flat wagons now exist as M.B.S. 406 as one car.


M.B.S. locomotive 49 in it's former livery olive green and with original front lights.

It still has number 5 from the old numbering, before it officially became part of the M.B.S. and with the inner frame and buffer beams were to small and coupling rods on the wheels.
It's B-unit was mounted on M.B.S. locomotive 45 Venlo, the M.B.S. 49 received the old unit from the G.T.N. 9 city tram.


M.B.S. locomotive 49 with it's current livery, blue with new LED lights.
The locomotive has been given a new outer frame with new larger buffer plates and new center buffers.
These center buffers were again manufactured in-house and made resilient.
The heavier frame looks more solid and the yellow warning stripes give this machine an industrial appearance.

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