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M.B.S. 220

M.B.S. 220 built in 2004 was the second model in the second series and actually an 'interim project'.
The axle boxes and spring frame are made of white metal, which made the car somewhat vulnerable.
Fully suspended and equipped with a shunting brake, this car served the most in the end

with B.S.M. railcar.
The boxcar was stored disassembled after a collision (twisted frame) and would be rebuilt over time,

where the box would be completely reassembled with loose planks.

The car box has not been rebuilt, but the frame has been, with it being aligned and the shins replaced.

This frame is used for cleaning car 701, 220 will not be rebuilt and will be disposed of on paper (see there).
In the version as shown (before the collision), the car was constructed from panels, with the plank grooves scratched into them.


M.B.S. 220 shortly before disassembly.

Recovery report from M.B.S. 220

The restoration of Maas Buurt Spoorweg Mij. 220 box car started in mid-September 2022, again as an interim project.

This is because the frame and loose parts were actually in the way.

To prevent parts from being lost, the management has decided to bring this repair work forward in the planning.

The box car itself was taken apart on October 21, 2020, partly due to the collision damage to the old frame.

An attempt was made to straighten the old frame, but without success.

This frame was twisted in such a way that alignment was no longer possible without making a new frame.

This box car was also simply constructed from wooden panels instead of wooden planks.

This was the second reason for rebuilding.

This box car was built shortly after the completion of M.B.S. EL 103 D IV subsequently built in 2004.

MBS 204.jpeg

M.B.S. 204 from the same series in new condition on the factory premises of Allan & Co in Rotterdam

Above the right axle box you can somewhat see the brake lever in the down position (car is braked).

The frame of this series of 20 Allan cars was black, as were the body posts, the body (superstructure) was gray in color.

220 frame1.JPG
220 frame 2.JPG

A series of old images of the production of the first frame of M.B.S. 220

The last photo clearly shows the white metal part, which was originally intended for an English boxcar

in scale 1:32 (Track 1)


Two shots of the disassembly of M.B.S. 220 on October 21, 2020.

The wagon floor was made from the bottom of a cigar box (!)...

In the background M.B.S. EL 104 D III is under construction, in front of it are the wooden panels of 220.


The empty frame of 220


An attempt to straighten the twisted frame.

It can clearly be seen that the shin pieces for the axle boxes are at an angle to the frame


The old frame has new shin pieces on one side, made from old Regner rails that have been milled to T-profiles.

The width of the rail base turned out to be as wide as the old white metal shin pieces.


A detail photo of one of the new shin pieces.

Everything is now made of brass with the exception of the simulated leaf spring, which are the old ones that have always been there.

The coil spring behind it is heavier than originally, which will give the car a quieter run.


The remains of the old white metal frame, stripped of all usable items, have been responsibly disposed of.

The frame of 220 will be used for cleaning car 701.
This means that 220 will not be rebuilt and has been mutated on the equipment list.

The reason for this is that the reconstruction costs are too high.

A separate construction report will be drawn up for the construction of the 701, this construction report for the 220 ends here.

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