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M.B.S. series 200 closed 2-axle vehicles

M.B.S. 275

M.B.S. 275 is a closed wagon (L.G.B. 4035).

As second car it was overhauled on 13-07-2021.

New numbering October 9, 2023.


M.B.S. 275.JPG
M.B.S. 276.JPG

M.B.S. 276

M.B.S. 276 is a closed car (L.G.B. 4035).

This was the former B.S.M. 42.

Put into service on 01-07-2021, changed on 06-03-2023 (administrative reasons).

New numbering October 9, 2023.

M.B.S. 277.JPG

M.B.S. 277

M.B.S. 277 is a closed car (L.G.B. 4035).

The first car to be overhauled where the ironwork was blackened on 13-07-2021.

New numbering October 9, 2023.


M.B.S. 278.JPG

M.B.S. 278

M.B.S. 278 is a box car (L.G.B. 4035).

In service as of 11-07-2021.
This was previously the R.T.M. 713, a wagon specifically for dairy transport.

New numbering October 9, 2023.


M.B.S. 299

M.B.S. 299.JPG

The M.B.S. 299 was converted from the R.T.M. PD 299 and was originally a boxcar with brakeman's platform.
This Chinese copy is almost identical to L.G.B. 43811 and is originally a Rhaetian Railroad freight car.
In 2019, 3 of these cars were purchased for conversion purposes.
Two cars were converted and assembled into M.B.S. 124 (ex-R.T.M. 296) and the third car was rebuilt

to postal baggage car R.T.M. PD 299.
The base had already been shortened, the platform was removed and the box was painted over in a wood color.
As of October 4, 2023, this car was once again taken out of service to be converted into a residential car for track staff, with the old conductor's room being converted into a canteen area and the luggage room into a mobile warehouse, given park number M.B.S. 707.
For administrative reasons, M.B.S. 707 is renumbered to M.B.S. 299.

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