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The freight cars

M.B.S. series 100  closed 4-axle vehicles

M.B.S.124  closed four-axle car is a successor to the existing M.B.S. series 122 - 123, ex-V.M.H. series 151 -152.
A third V.M.H. car no. 153 from the same series was converted into postal baggage car no. 3 and after takeover by the M.B.S. it was given number EL 113.

In terms of model, the M.B.S. 124 has a completely different appearance than the existing cars and therefore has a fictitious number, elaborating on the existing series of 4-axle vehicles.

M.B.S. series 200  closed 2-axle vehicles

M.B.S. series 200 were closed 2-axle vehicles of different types and brands.

The model is consecutively numbered.

L.G.B. box car type 4035 has been used, this version is compared the best, only slightly wider.

Box car 299 has the highest number in this series because its a personnel car.

M.B.S. series 300   open 2-axle vehicles

The M.B.S. series 331 - 342 is an existing series of open 2-axle cars from Allan built in 1924, which M.B.S. in addition to the series 301 - 330.

The series 331 - 342 had doors with an iron plate instead of wooden paneling and did not have extension gates.

In model L.G.B. wagon type 40210 is applied, because this version has the best approach, they are just slightly wider.

M.B.S. series 400   open 4-axle vehicles

M.B.S. series 401 - 404 is an existing open series 4-axle Allan built in 1913.

This series could be equipped with bulkheads or stanchions.
M.B.S. series 405 - 410 from M.A.N. were taken over from Lokalbahn A.G. in 1930. (Walhallabahn) and had fixed cladding.

M.B.S. series 411 - 413 was the same as series 405 - 410, but the paneling was higher.

In model L.G.B. wagon type 45690 is used, this version has the best approach, only slightly wider.
Furthermore, the standard stake wagons have been increased in length from 6 to 8 stakes.

M.B.S. series 500   dumpwagons 2-axle

M.B.S. series 500 currently consists of self-unloader 501.

This fictional series of freight wagons will be expanded in due course with numbers 502 and 503.
All cars has been fictionally taken over from the O.E.G.

M.B.S. series 600

The M.B.S. series 600 has not (yet) been applied and currently only exists administratively.

M.B.S. series 700   flat 2-axle vehicles

M.B.S. series 701 - 705 was a series of open 2-axle cars from Herbrand built in 1893, which the M.B.S. took over from the Cöln-Frechener Strassenbahn in 1914.

All of these cars were equal whilst 701 and 702 had a brakeman's seat with braking device.

M.B.S. converted the 701 into a weed sprayer and the 702 - 705 into a trailer.

Only 702-703 and 704-704 are included, 701 is part of series 900 as a maintenance vehicle.

M.B.S. series 800   tankwagons 2-axle

M.B.S. series 800 is a fictional series of tank wagons, currently consisting of tank wagon 801.

Tank wagon 801 is specifically intended for diesel oil.

M.B.S. serie 900

De M.B.S. serie 900 is (nog) niet toegepast en bestaat vooralsnog alleen administratief.

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