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The last rides and break-up in 2022

2022 starts quietly with a lot of work in the M.B.S. workshop.

There are  plans in the air for moving out, but not concrete yet, so some driving can be done.

For the time being, the M.B.S. started a study into improved power collection from the rails.
In the past, the many malfunctions seriously affected the pleasure for driving, resulting in frequent downtime of equipment.

LGB tuinbaan Ht v 14.7 24-08-2021 hernummeren wissels en sporen.jpg


The rail plan version 14.7 of August 24, 2021 is unchanged.
The bad weather at the end of 2021 did cause a malfunction in switch 1d (the switch at the bottom right of the cross switch street), but this is easy to repair.


29 januari 2022; de voorlaatste exploitatiedag

Het onderzoek naar een verbeterde stroomopname op de rails door het materieel werd op 29 januari 2022 met succes afgerond.

Hiervoor werd de kleine slijpwagen, waarvan de slijpsloffen over de rails schuurden en vooruit liep op slijploc no. 3, van deze slijpsloffen ontdaan en buiten dienst genomen.
Hieropvolgend bouwde de M.B.S. werkplaats M.B.S. ketelwagen 702 om tot reinigingswagen, waarbij de slijpsloffen werden omgebouwd tot viltsloffen, met een vloeistofkoppeling naar de ketel waarin de reinigingsvloeistof is opgeslagen.

Middels een regelkraan kan drupsgewijs deze reinigingsvloeistof aan de viltsloffen worden toegevoerd.

Deze methode werkt naar behoren en werd op 29 januari 2022 voor het eerst en met succes toegepast.

Waar voorheen alle materieel hortend en stotend over wissels en sectiescheidingen reed, rijdt het nu overal

probleemloos door.

De door de M.B.S. gebruikte reinigingsvloeistof is CRC 2-26, welke een vocht verdringende, corrosie voorkomende en reinigende werking heeft.

Slijploc no. 3 had nog eenmaal de gehele buitenbaan ontdaan van alle corrosie aanslag, waarna

reinigingswagen 702 erachter werd gekoppeld.

Nadat dit span overal had gereden, slijploc no. 3 reed met uitgeschakelde slijpfunctie, waren de contactproblemen verleden tijd en kon er proefgereden worden.


M.B.S. D III as tram 1 on track 7 and R.T.M. MABD 1602 'Reiger' as tram 2 on track 8, brotherly next to it

each other during the test drives.
After cleaning and polishing the rails with CRC 2-26, all equipment runs smoothly.

January 30, 2022, the final day of operation at Den Bosch

After a quiet night, the rolling stock is prepared for the final day of operation at Den Bosch.

After a period of more than 29 months, during which the outdoor track has seen many designs, this will come to a definitive end due to an upcoming move to Arnhem.

So today we are going to have a great time with the appearance on the rails of all diesel and steam rolling stock, whereby all is owned, with the exception of the R.T.M. MABD 1602 'Reiger', which visited the M.B.S. at Den Bosch for damage repair and complete overhaul.

As tram 1, M.B.S. D III (EL 104 - AB 14) in use, tram 2 runs as R.T.M. MABD 1602 'Reiger', as

tram 3 runs R.T.M. M 1806 with closed general cargo car 296 and carriages B 1526, B 1306 and A 1301, while

R.T.M. M 1652 'Puttershoek' as tram 4 runs with four boxcars.

Later in the afternoon M.B.S. EL 103 D IV will last run with tram 5, with all available freight equipment.


Tram 3 is passing on track 3, while tram 4 without the M 1652 has been prepared in the background on track 14.


Crossing on track 8 of tram 3 with tram 1, which had been waiting on track 7 for some time


Tram 3 drives onto the bridge ramp, passing tram 1


Tram 4, consisting of (from left to right) M.B.S. 277, R.T.M. 713, M.B.S. 275 and B.S.M. 42, is set to track 14.


On the far left on track 11 (depot track 1) are M.B.S. EL 103 D IV, behind it R.T.M. M 1652 'Puttershoek' and behind it in the shed grinding locomotive no. 3.

B.S.M. steam tram locomotive 10 is located on track 12 (depot track 2) and on track 13 mailcar R.T.M. PD 299


Tram 3 is just passing over the interchange crossings on track 2

Tram 3 rijdt langs tram 1 en word één volledige ronde gevolgd...


Tram 3 (right) had already entered on track 1 while tram 1 enters on track 2.


Again tram 1 on the middle track 2 and on the right tram 3 on track 1


Behind tram 3 (right) is tram 1 again, while on track 11 are D IV, M 1652 and grinding locomotive no. 3, on track 12 B.S.M. locomotive 10 and on track 13 the B.S.M. motor tram


The same location, but now a bird's eye view


B.S.M. locomotive 10 as engine for tram 4 on track 14


R.T.M. M 1652 'Puttershoek' has now moved tram 4 from track 14 and continues over track 7 to the bridge ramp.


.. and back to the depot via the terrace


Tram 3 has now been removed from the timetable and runs in a shortened form as tram 2 with traction

R.T.M. MABD 1602 'Reiger' and coach B 1526 as trailer, here on track 2.

Tram 1 and tram 2 will be the last two passenger trams.

On track 11 is M.B.S. EL 103 D IV ready to ride the last freight tram next.


The last freight tram according to the timetable has been prepared, locomotive M.B.S. EL 103 D IV reverses onto track 2 to hook up with the ten-car tram.


M.B.S. D IV during coupling of the freight tram


Grinding locomotive no. 3 on depot track 1 (track 11) and M.B.S. D III (EL 104 - AB 14) on depot track 2 (track 12), all other equipment has now been stored elsewhere.


M.B.S D IV departs as tram 5 with the last freight tram via track 30 and track 2, coming from track 31 (covered)

Tram 5 passes track 3 passing the station building

Tram 5 has passed the terrace and is now driving via switch 10 towards the depot


Tram 5 upon entering track 2


M.B.S. D IV serves as the locomotive for the break-up tram, consisting of M.B.S. freight cars 401, 402, 404 and 275 during the removing of track 14..


On the left is the bridge ramp with tracks 7 and 8 in front of it between switches 8 and 9, next to switch 9, switch 10 is located in the tracks of the oldest route to the left of the switching station and the ramp from above to the right.


The oldest route underneath is on the left and the large loop around the village is on the right


Once again the oldest route goes underneath and the bridge goes over it shortly before it starts above via the terrace


A penultimate series of photos of the complete outdoor track in Den Bosch with forever empty tracks, shortly before

the dismantling on February 2, 2022.

This outdoor track has a turbulent history, with a lot of experience gained.

From the very first track construction in August 2019 until February 2022 (about 29 months in total), this outdoor track has undergone numerous changes and adjustments, each time adjusting the existing design to what was in August 2021

As of August 24, 2021, the track remained as it was until breaking up.

February and March 2022 will mainly focus on the physical move to Arnhem.

The garden in Arnhem is 13 meters longer than in Den Bosch and therefore offers many new perspectives, such as bordering a waterfront, overcoming a significant height difference to it and no longer having covered sidings available, such as tracks 31, 32 and 33.

This height difference to be overcome will be calculated more accurately in the designs (which may well be more than one), as the adhesion of the traction wheels has been slightly reduced by the cleaning fluid.

This poses a new challenge to the track design, in which the electric tram with overhead lines may return.

All in all, the regular tram service will no longer return to the Bossche outdoor track, but the demolition tram will still be in operation for a few days, the photos of which will be shown below...

After February 2, 2022, this website will not be updated until model building activities resume

are possible in Arnhem...

February 2, 2022, the day of breaking up in Den Bosch


The final photos of the outdoor track on February 2, 2022, three weeks before the actual move.
M.B.S. locomotive D IV with cars 401, 402, 404 and 275 arrives as a break-up tram on the ramp towards the depot


D IV has stopped on the ramp...
The curve behind the tram (on the wooden terrace) is going to be demolished first.


We worked backwards against the direction of travel towards the depot, so this was followed by overtaking tracks 7 and 8 with the associated switches 8 and 9, switch 10 is still in situ...


The turning curve and bridge ramp have been broken up and removed.


The street to the multi-track level crossing next to the kiosk has also been partly broken up, as has the arch towards track 14


Half of the double level crossing is gone, while track 30 to stabling tracks 31, 32 and 33 is still covered.


Track 1, track 2, the switching lanes, the depot, the major level crossing and the signal box have also been dismantled


Rh Boompjes looks desolate and useless, now that all traces have been removed


Track 14 in the village already had been removed on January 30, now the large loop and the old track underneath also have been removed


The old track underneath (this was the oldest route) and the bridge laying over also have been removed

Next to the switching station is a short piece of connecting track from which the entire outer track was fed


The old main track back to the depot is now also gone, leaving the breakout tram isolated on a piece of residual track


All tram tracks have now been broken up and the very last tram is also gone.
The outdoor track at Den Bosch is now a thing of the past.

Fortunately, we still have this website with the photos and when 'the director / owner / etc' has found his way to Arnhem and the garden there is ready to the extent that the first meters can be laid out again, then this will certainly be something to be mentioned. dedicated on this website.
For this moment on February 3, 2022, the Den Bosch chapter closes forever.

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