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B.S.M. motor car

B.S.M. motorwagen site.JPG

The B.S.M. motor car in the correct version with three large center windows and the typical Arnhem folding doors.
After the conversion done by and at the GETA from carriage 52 into a motor vehicle, the folding doors at the front left and both rear doors were secured and the steps were removed for 1-man operation.
In model, only the folding door at the front right can be opened.
Furthermore, the motor car is painted in the typical Arnhem creamy white color.
The roof color is sand-colored and the coupling at the front has been removed.

This unique model was sold on September 21, 2023 and mutated from the M.B.S. collection.

B.S.M. Mw 10.JPG

The example:


In its short and financially ailing existence, the Betuwsche Stoomtramweg Maatschappij had managed to experiment with a motor tram.

This lovely little tram, equipped with a Ford TT engine in 1924, only served for a short time, partly due to

the cooling problems and the underrated power of the engine.

From the G.E.T.A. In Arnhem an ex-horse tram carriage could be used for this, but it barely had any capacity

in service and only on the secondary line from West-Pannerden (ferry sidewalk), via Doornenburg,

Gendt and Haalderen to Bemmel.

small pictures:

left picture: the original LGB city tram version (LGB 23355)

center picture: carriage G.E.T.A. 52, after conversion into a motor tram for the BSM, in front of the tramdepot at the Westervoortschedijk in Arnhem.

The Arnhem city coat of arms is still visible on the side, with number 52 faintly underneath.

The photo was taken on behalf of the G.S.T.M. in 1924 and a reproduction by Jan Voerman

right picture: the version in the wrong color, wrong balcony doors and window layout.


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